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Many historians believe that the first traces of tennis can be found in northern France back in 12th century. However, under this name it was found in 16th century historical evidence. Its great popularity in England and France, supposedly caused king Henry VIII to fall in love with this game that is now called real tennis.

Real tennis courts still exist in Oxford, Cambridge, Hampton Court Palace and Falkland Palace. Unfortunately, many of the courts in France were destroyed over time.

Nevertheless, tennis that we know and love today was developed in late 19th century, when Major Harry Gem, and his friend Augurio Perera, a Spanish merchant mixed elements of different games like rackets, Spanish pelota ball and croquet field. The two later founded the first world´s tennis club, the Leamington Tennis Club.

Main goal of the match is to send the ball over the net in a way that the opposite player cannot return it before it touches the ground for the second time. The players or teams start the match opposite sides of the net. While the first player or team is the server, and the opposing side is the receiver. The server starts serving behind his baseline and the receiver may start anywhere they want on their side of the net. The ball should go over the net into the diagonally opposite service box. The scoring system includes game, set and match. Match consists of several sets, usually 3 or 5, sets can be won with either 6 games or 2 games more than the opponent. Game points are counted with love, fifteen, thirty and forty.


Tennis is one of the most popular sports today – the steady rise in online tennis betting market proves it, and it is played in singles, in both male and female category and doubles, for male, female and mixed pairs. It can be played on different types of court, such are clay, grass and various acrylic terrains.

Professional tennis tournaments have four Grand Slams a year, Wimbledon, U.S. Open, French Open and Australian Open, where the best ATP and WTA players try their skills against each other.

Other popular ATP tournaments are Indian Wells Masters, Miami Open, Monte-Carlo Masters, Madrid Open, Italian Open, Canadian Open, Cincinnati Masters and Shangai Masters. Some of the greatest WTA tournaments are BNP Paribas Open, Sony Ericsson Championship and Sony Ericsson Open, China Open and Madrid Open among others.

Open GDF Suez, France

Unfortunately, some of the most popular WTA tournaments, like Open GDF Suez were put to an end. Formerly known as Open Gaz de France is the WTA premier level tennis tournament held from 1993 to 2004 in Paris. This tournament through its 11- year existence welcomed many players from the top of the WTA list, such are Amélie Mauresmo, who won on three occasions, Martina Navratilova, who was also tournament´s first winner, Monica Seles, Steffi Graff, Iva Majoli, Martina Higins, sisters Williams, Kim Clijsters and many other famous women tennis players. Open GDF Suez hosted indoor matches in singles and doubles, primarily on carpet and later on hardcourt.

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This tennis facility, with 12 competitive courts and 6 practice courts, hides one of the most beautiful tennis venues with its 13,800 seats. It is Stadium Court which is a home for Miami Open. Crandon Park has also four American green-clay courts, two European red-clay courts, and two grass courts. The Sony Ericsson Open is also played at Crandon Park.

Indian Wells Tennis Garden
Indian Wells, California

This Californian tennis complex with 29 courts and the 16,100 seats tennis venue Stadium 1, hosts the BNP Paribas Open. The tournament itself draws many players, but it is not what this complex only has to offer. However it attracts musicians like the Eagles, Andrea Bocelli and Tom Petty to play here as well.


Not having something under control we may end up frustrated, angry or annoyed and tennis can do exactly that. Some mistakes we all make are still going to be around, but if we understand that, we will be free of such frustration. There are times when we miss the shot, of course we did not want it to happen, but it did, and it happens to much better players so move on. Don´t let on mistake set the course for the rest of the match. Practice more and you will eventually correct your mistakes.

There is no perfect solution for every situation, but our brains can surely try to find the best option. Nobody is perfect, and sometimes we may get some pretty awesome points and do fascinating returns, and then set off a ball to the net. Soon after we will ask ourselves how could we miss that shot, often not knowing that it happens a lot, and to everyone. We are always trying to fascinate people around us, so we may try some demanding moves, like volleys which our brain and body cannot coordinate properly.

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