Tennis – A Smart Way of Looking at Mistakes


Not having something under control we may end up frustrated, angry or annoyed and tennis can do exactly that. Some mistakes we all make are still going to be around, but if we understand that, we will be free of such frustration. There are times when we miss the shot, of course we did not want it to happen, but it did, and it happens to much better players so move on. Don´t let on mistake set the course for the rest of the match. Practice more and you will eventually correct your mistakes.

There is no perfect solution for every situation, but our brains can surely try to find the best option. Nobody is perfect, and sometimes we may get some pretty awesome points and do fascinating returns, and then set off a ball to the net. Soon after we will ask ourselves how could we miss that shot, often not knowing that it happens a lot, and to everyone. We are always trying to fascinate people around us, so we may try some demanding moves, like volleys which our brain and body cannot coordinate properly.

Why Can’t We See Reality?

The problems are always hidden in our minds, we try to control everything, but that is not possible, and it is quite hard to understand our mistakes ourselves. Sometimes, our mistakes will be first observed and recognized by those who watch us play. Not only do we try to control everything, but also predict what will happen next, and with total certainty. If the cause of events is not as we imagined, we will be very anxious. So if we miss, we are then confused not knowing what will happen next.

It is important for us that we imagine the flight of the ball at the moment of hitting. That is what we do in our everyday chores and occasions. Since everything is not up to us in tennis we must know that nothing is certain and that we need to learn how to think in probabilities.

Sometimes high percentages can be better than imaginary certainty. We will feel less stress and try to play our game calmly. Therefore, we will eliminate anxiousness which causes tension that makes us make even more mistakes. At that moment it is not a mistake made by our brain, but ourselves in general. So learn about other tennis players and how they deal with mistakes. Be better, and accept that anything can happen at any moment. Accept that our brain and body coordination is not perfect, but try everything to make it better. Don´t allow yourself to be irritated while you play and certainly do not over think.

These mistakes are common among other sport players as well. It is not unusual to see great soccer players miss the goal or the ball itself, or to see a basketball player make a rookie mistake. So don´t let it get you. However, in tennis you are either alone or with a partner so your mistakes can cost you much more than the team. But, as it is already mentioned, nobody is perfect. Be patient and train, and your mistakes slowly go away.